Private Yoga
with Rachel

About private yoga sessions

Private yoga classes are available for between 1 to 5 people. The smaller the group, the more specific we can be with the work. These private sessions take place in the comfort of your own home as long as you have the space. We allow for 90 minutes per session to account for a chat about your needs for the session.

• The class is entirely driven by you and your needs.
• Get individually tailored guidance and support.
• A variety of skills and therapeutic approaches can be applied depending on what is appropriate
• An option to have an audio recording for personal use.


Who’s it for?

For those who have specific needs or want to work more deeply, private classes are a great way to do this. Often people who have a particular requirement such as developing their own home practice, or have specific issues such as injury or health conditions, or just prefer not to be in a class environment.


The Details

Location: Your own home – within a 5 mile radius of Leeds City Centre.
Cost (for single person): £40 per session. £200 for block of six.
Cost (for group of up to 5): £50 per session. £250 for block of six.